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Davenport History Book - Educating Across Three Centuries
When Davenport University's predecessor school was founded in 1866, Andrew Johnson was president and the Reconstruction Era had begun. America consisted of 36 states; Michigan had been one of them for only 30 years. No one had yet talked on a telephone, driven an automobile, or even read by the light of an electric lamp.

It was into this environment that 16 students entered a single classroom, on an upper floor of a downtown Grand Rapids building, to learn bookkeeping and other office skills at the Grand Rapids Business College.

Exchanging pens and inkwells for tablets and smart phones, students 150 years later enroll at what is now Davenport University for the same reason as their predecessors: to pursue the best training for fulfilling careers and futures.

Educating Across Three Centuries tells the story of a unique and enduring educational mission, following Davenport's growth from a sole proprietorship to a family business to a fully accredited higher education institution combining thousands of students at multiple campuses with a global online presence. It is also the story of a unique and enduring educational mission that has kept its relevance through profound changes in society, the economy, and education itself.

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In Demand by Bill Van Steenis
ISBN: 978-0982444610, Author: Bill Van Steenis, ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Bill Van Steenis has been an executive recruiter for twenty five years, placing hundreds of men and women into businesses all around the world. He is the author of The ReExamined Life and lectures and consults on the subject of career development. He lives with his family in Holland, Michigan. Learn more at Bill Van Steenis has been an executive recruiter for twenty five years, placing hundreds of men in women with businesses all around the world. He is the author of The ReExamined Life and lectures and consults on the subject of career development. He lives with his family in Holland, Michigan. Learn more at BOOK DESCRIPTION - Some people always get job offers, are never laid off during lean times and have a full pipeline of clients for their business. What's their secret? In his new book, In Demand: How to Get Hired, Develop a Career and Always be Successful, Bill Van Steenis offers practical advice about the working world. He explores the personalities and practices of the workers and contractors that have their pick of jobs and projects. He shows how they understand and respond to the market for their work, and why they are the most highly sought after people in the labor pool. Follow his sometimes tough, sometimes tender but always useful advice and become In Demand. Some titles are print on demand, shipping may be delayed.
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Live, Love, & Hope: The Sally Lake Story
ISBN: 978-145079289-9 Author: Andrew and Sally Lake, with Anne Margaret Lewis. In Live, Love, & Hope, you will witness one man's love and devotion to his wife. "in sickness and in health." Andy Lake will walk you through the inspirational life of his wife, Sally Lake. Through the "Updates" of the blog she kept, Sally Lake will walk you through her incredible and inspiring crusade to fight pancreatic cancer. This book is uplifting and expressive. It will give you strength and allow you to appreciate the gifts of your own life; and it will teach you that god is with all of us always! All it takes is love, faith, and hope. On February 1, 2010 Sally continued on her journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. She lived a courageous, spunky, and soulful five years beyond her initial prognosis. Some titles are print on demand, shipping may be delayed.
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Me, Myself, and Why? by Lisa A. Mininni
ISBN: 978-0-9792726-0-8, Author: Lisa A. Mininni, ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Lisa Mininni is President of Excellerate Associates, LLC, an organizational consulting and business coaching company. She is also Founder of The C Club that assists cancer conquerors reclaim, reshape and renew their life after cancer. Lisa integrates her own experiences in navigating through change and harnessed her innate talent of creating simplicity from confusion to develop a book that gives you insights on how to pilot through change. In her life, she disocvered helping people help themselves was a common theme. She recognized that paths she would walk down didn't work out and began to ask 'why?' She developed her book to help others travel through their change and create a foundation for their future. BOOK DESCRIPTION - Are these questions you keep asking yourself? Why do I do things a certain way? Why do things have to be so difficult? Why am I more comfortable in one environment over another? How can I become successful in an environment ouside my comfort zone? How do I get unstuck and build a new future? Whether you are coping with a significant life event, business changes, job loss, a serious health condition, the death of someone close, or you are confronting that nagging urge to alter an aspect of your life, change taks know-how. The good news is that, with this book, you now have a new pathway to move ahead during changing times. Discover what motivates you and uncover how to make life easier. Learn techniques that develop and use your vision statement to guide you to your true life's work. Find out how to let go of what was and create what is. Deepen your awareness of messages you are given. Develop plans that help you make choices that are in line with a life you want to live. Make the choice to change your life by Understanding What Motivates You, Finding Possibilities, and Creating New Paths. A must read if you want to accelerate development in your organization one employee at a time. Some titles are print on demand, shipping may be delayed.
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The Secret to a New Life by Dr. J Thomas Smith
ISBN: 978-1-4628-5982-5 Author: Dr. J Thomas Smith BOOK DESCRIPTION - The Secret to a New Life addresses issues that will help everyone to live a happier, more harmonious, and healthier life. The Secret to a New Life is a metaphysical primer. It is a “How to” book presented with the beginning metaphysician in mind. If readers want or need a “new thought” about themselves or their circumstances, then they will find the spiritual foundation in the pages of this book. ABOUT THE AUTHOR - J Thomas Smith is an attorney, radio personality, mental health consultant and ordained minister. He has led congregations in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas. He has directed mental health programs at hospitals in Atlanta and Houston. He has served as a faculty member and administrator at colleges and universities in Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles. He is host of Dr. J Thomas Smith’s Saturday Morning Show and the host of the talk-oriented community affairs program Sunday Morning Live. Both programs air on KMJQ/Majic 102.1 in Houston, Texas. He will co-host a new public affairs radio program, "Access Houston" beginning in 2012. He was the recipient of the Black Radio Exclusive drummer award after being named “Air Personality of the Year on Pop Radio.” Smith is a licensed psychotherapist in Georgia and Texas. Among his credentials, he has earned a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Behavioral Science, a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) in Counseling, a Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Throughout his career he has been a popular motivational speaker. He has been active in the community and has served on national boards in the mental health field.
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